Saturday, December 26, 2009

The weather is nasty

She: I think I love you.
He: It because you don't have a choice.

Well a long time I go I made this toy design for Ryan Xavier Smith.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tattoo for two

Onion tattoo artist will make to sweet cherry couple tattoo.
Permanent tattoo.
And their parents are not accept.
And they under 16.
And onion tattoo artist is not really a tattoo artist.
And their no ink in tattoo machine.
And somebody already used these needles.
And he doing it without gloves.

Beware kids of unprofessional studios.

And again some of my art under others people skin.
A warrior

Drawing: me
Tattoo: Haim Poko

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

52 shades of liberty

Well, yes my dates updates a bit changed and it took a while since last post. I just have to do so much freelance staff. Yes, it makes me happy, but I tired sometimes and have no time to make my own staff. But this time finally came and here you go some news.

52 shades of liberty

- "Well, this world is hungry for liberty. In each corner people screaming about freedom and peace, but which tactics they choose to find them. Sometimes even the most shocking Hollywood blockbaster bears no comparsion with reality. People ready to give their lives because they trust in bullshit. Nothing in this world will not make me to give my life for some bastard I even never seen before. I better run and hide. I standing here, look down on what the world has become. And I understand it will never get back to what it was..."

23:34 10.09.2001

Some freestyle drawings.

Also some work thingies from my past job as a tattoo artist
Drawing: by Me.
Tattoo: by Haim Poko

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sushi from Mars

Well, this a story of love. You see, each alien got his second part on Earth somewhere in sea. That's why UFO sometimes visiting us. This couple wanted to get married next week into the deepest part of Pacific Ocean.
But it will not happen. Thanks to you.

This one I did for DJ WiseGuy. In the end client took another version. But this one I just like more.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is Anime dead?


And this one I made for russian commercial

By the way this friday at 10:30 I will make signing in CNV (King George 40, Tel-Aviv) for my new comic book Microbes War volume 1. So everybody who interesting in please welcome.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I watching you

Hi there, folks!
Well, I makin my comic be ready for print and soon, sOOn, I said S.O.O.N. you'll be able to get it in your hands.
Isn't that sweet? And if not, this little fella will tell you what he think about it.

This is a nightmare angel. He the one who brings all this happy staff that makin you scream at night and call for your momma. So please, if you think over there that huge muscles or baseball bat will save you. You're ToTaLLy wrong, pal!
Remember in your bed you just a baby! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

And some work thingies. All right! This one is for wedding for some guy, that his name is Ivan. Well, this was a lot of fun to draw it!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Microbes War volume 1

"Святые на очень уж сложных щах,
Есть мазы проще отъехать, да так, что ах..."

This happened!
New comic book series, that will be in 4 volumes is close to coming out. It's called "Microbes War".
This is an ultra-violent-action story about DJ samurai Cool Joe and his transvestite friend Chibba, and their quest through our reality.
Everything happens in the near future, 2050 A.D, where Microbes have taken over the whole world, but people still remain ignorant.
Help is coming!

Soon in comic book stores in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Roller clown

"I'm rollin'n'rollin'n'rollin' in kitchen
I'm rollin'n'rollin'n'rollin' and bitchin'"

Ok, kids, today we'll speak about roller clowns. Who they are?
Well, they live in kitchens and going out only when you sleep. It's really easy to recognize a roller clown.
For example if you buying food and after few days you get up and going to make morning tea, but you see that your fridge is almost empty-just know. Your kitchen have unwelcome guest - the Roller Clown. And it's really hard to take them off, cause you just can't see them. They too fast for your eye and too hungry for your food. The only way is just to surrender and become their slaves.
Bad luck!

And these one is tattoo design

And small video about summer vacations

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Victory is ours

Well, i get back home from LBCC. That was really awesome event and thanks to everybody who was there. It was really great show.
I uploaded some photos here on myspace

Now to pics.

Animals War.
In 2012 will be a great war between people and people. Kinda weird, ha?
But psycho japanese will use animals as weapons. Yeah!
So this is commander of turtles machine gun squad. In another words TMGS (almost TMNT).
Thier mission is now complete.
And they happy.

This is the worst description I ever made in my life, but I slept only 5 hours. So, be gently.

Oh, wait a minute. They walking through ruins, where life was flow just before two hours. And commander sing:
"I’ll carry this flag
To the grave if I must
Because it’s flag that I love
And a flag that I trust"
- Rise Against (Hero of war)

Damn sad, ha. Anyway, I gotta go. It just not my day for stories.

Also as you saw, my blog a bit changed. Well, still work on it and this pic be the main now. Ha!

A while ago I made this message for band Whorecore. Well, pretty much time spend after this day. But it still a work, that I proud of.
Collaboration with Nir Doliner

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jesus Truck

Close your eyes, pray for plagues,
Oh Lord, cleanse this Earth and bring upon our dooms day

Bring me the horizon

This girl is everything, what is goth about. And I ask myself why I still didn't draw her.
Well, this is unforgiven mistake.
Now I have to die.

And this is her drawing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby monster likes piano

Baby monster doesn't want to scare people anymore.
Baby monster wants to be a famous composer.

My parents always tell me, that reading makes people smarter.

A while ago I worked on comic book "Funkotronic", but this project is lost in time, so I decided to put some staff from it.
This toy of main character - a kid, who is a half robot-half human.

My Drawing
Concept by Richard Emms
Sculpture by GensenFigure.

News! News! News!
a) Ok, first of all the main event will happen on 2nd-4th october.
I will take apart on artist exhibition at the Long Beach Comic Convention.
My place is 74B

Hello, California!
Well, I hope american kids will like Who Never Sleep comic book and also I have, I haVE, I HAVE to see american comicbook artists. J Scott Campbell will be there and Stan Lee and others. Well, I gotta see those guys!!
If someone of my friends from DA will be there - I'll be glad to see you.

b) Ok the next part is. My new comic book soon will be launch. I hope it will happen in end of october. This will be action story about samurai. That's it for now, soon I tell you some more.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Protect me from what I want

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dragon nest

So.This is a long story.
In far-far away dragon kidnapped the princess. Of course one local hero went to rescue her. Hhh, why not, when with a cute little lady you get half kingdom. Not bad, ha?
Ok, he went through deep forest, through long river and finally arrived to the huge castle. -Dragon!!! Come out and fight back! - said hero.
-Get lost mortal, me busy! - said dragon.
-Dragon, come out right now, I count to three and coming in! One...two...three.
Our brave hero entered and saw... OH MY GOD!!! There was no princess, only a rubber doll and old dragon who was actually...ammm
-What? Don't you see how sad I feel? Please kill me - said dragon.
Of course hero killed him and took away a rubber doll (better than nothing) and a dragon egg.
What happened with princess? Oh, come on, it's already another story.
But a moral is that no matter where you are, no matter what you doing - never trust to cookie bunnies.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Cold and silence

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Evergreen tennis tournament

Hi there!
So after uncomfortable silence I'm here. So if someone forgot why we all here I'll remind you.
We here to look some art, baby! Yeah!!
So less words-more works!
Today pic about our mother nature. Damn, nature is good. So, buddys, instead of sitting in internet better go breath some fresh air. Yep, take your bikes, girls, dogs or whatever you have and go watch the sky and smell flowers.
Make no bombs - make some sports.

Evergreen tennis tournament

Also here some modeling in Maya 2009. I'm a new guy there, so this pic is my first experince

And this is my first cartoon on Darktoons TV and my homework for classic animation course. Music by my good friends and great band - the Whorecore!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My first lethal girlfriend

Do you want my telephone number?..

Ok, sweet girlies and crazy guys, today I decided to tell you a bit more about stuff that I make. Today we together gonna color a pic! Yeeaaahhh, it's so much fun! Everybody ready, take your tablets, markers, watercolors or anything you want and let's go to adventure!

Lesson 1

First thing you need to draw till you will get, what you want to color. I decided to make this funny pic about real love and relationship between alive and dead.

Now filled it up with colors of your choice

Ok, now put some shadows. I prefer to choose on element and work on it, till i feel good with how it looks. For example I took that meat bitch, so now I'll put shadows on her and lights, till I'll be able to realize that I like it. By the way, I'll put also some other colors, not only shadows, there also some blue. Play with your imagination, mix colors up as much as you want.


Right now is a boy and his stuff. Again, i used a bit of dark red on his bed. I don't really know why, I just like how it looks. His face and pillow also, I used a bit orange and green. Cause I like oranges and pears. Eat fruits-they are full of vitamins and they good for eyes.

Ok, right now I realized that I made a mistake with lights on opposite sides of his bed. Also, when you makin' a mistake, your eyes immediately will tell you this. You just will feel uncomfortable when you look at pic. So mistake have to be fix. And I fix that bastard. If you don't see a mistake, just keep color going. Don't think too much about what you did right and what not. Just let things happen.

Right now small details.

Right now a background. This happenening in church, right? Let's burn it with colors!

And put some textures and filters to make pic look like it's one world! Mission complete, you can return to base!

Technically speaking: I did all this with Photoshop CS3, but all technical staff I don't want to describe, cause there are thousand books that can help you with this. And for sure they can do it better, than my language full of mistakes. The point of all this was just color a pic and don't matter how you did it, you hold in your hand colored picture. If this topic was helpful for you-I happy! I did it, I changed your life! Ha-ha! Good luck bro or sista on the front of another computer. Someday we see each other in reality and will drink each other blood X))).

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ok, story of this little fella was like this:
He came home very disappointed and unhappy. In bathroom he took toothpaste and tried to draw on mirror his smile. But nothing happened. He still was in a really bad mood. What he going to do? How he can live this perfect sunny day, when he feels so sad.
Oh, what a poor little creature. =((

So he took old school shaver, cut off his heart and burned that useless piece of meat that brings so much pain.
And a miracle happened….he felt nothing and became happy again. =))

Kill feelings, baby!
Kill love

"Rock'n'roll queens" are alive!

Today star is Bracket! I never met her, but I saw her photography.
And she is very talented.
This is she

She by me