Friday, April 24, 2009


The war already started when I walk out from bathroom. I only heard screams and explosions. Haha, that drive is for me, I took my soviet cannon from a closet and walk out to the streets. Smoke of powder and running people - all this made beauty beginning of beautiful day...

And this is sad rainy day (classic animation homework)

That was to put you in a little action. So here we go some cool news. First thing is first - Israeli publishing company Kidmat Eden took my drawing "Violet Girl" as a cover for Terry Prachet's book "Nation".
And I'm really happy with this.
Thank you, Henry!


Anonymous said...

היי זאת חן^^
בהתחלה שכתבת את המלחמה חשבתי שזה חלום או משהו
או שפרצה מלחמה בירושלים ולא ידעתי על זה XD

ומזל טוב איזה כייף לך ציור שלך יופיע על ספר :]

Landish said...

חיי חן!
מלחמה זה טוב אבל רק בקומיקס

Tina Dubrovsky said...

WTF is going on in that video, lol