Monday, March 31, 2014


Just made new drawing. Colorful hair girl

New animation I did with talented Alexandre Krasinski at 87 Seconds Animation done for application that helps you find different food in different places

Home for imaginary friend (remake)

Remake on my very old work

I decided to do less texturing and make colors deeper then it was on previous picture.

Character design I did for Belgian animation studio


"Это я не ем, я не козёл!" - Домовёнок Кузя

Just made one page based on my favorite Russian cartoon from childhood about little boogieman (on Russian we call it "domovoi") If you interesting you can check out cartoon here

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cartoon characters

Some different animal designs

Video I did for app that helps people to fight with their depression. It`s first time we cooperated with client from pharmacy field. So it makes us kinda happy =)

Hatin' cause we skatin'

The new one =)

Remake on my old work I did three years
Well, it's not really remake, I just corrected a few things. Hope I learned something since 2011

Brutal Mario Bros


Made some artwork for Russian rap band from Novosibirsk