Monday, November 29, 2010

No Dirty Work

The dirty work was done, and cat knew that there is no turn back. His master went too far when decided to castrate him. Only payback could help!

Lips are flying to light

Oh no! She got 220v. kiss!

This is a tattoo design that I made for DJ Kenny from U.S.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eat me!

Ok, so here is a time for another online lesson. A lot of people told me to make a video process, but I have no idea how to do this. Yes, I am stupid. But I stupid, that will show you some secrets today. Yes, I will show you a drawing process of this little lady and her boyfriend (or more like lionfriend (i hope they don't have sex)). Ok, this is the final version. She on the left, he on the right. She loves him, he hates her - everything like in real life. So let's start

First of all I draw it by hand

Then I filled it up with orange. Why exactly orange? Cause I was listening to "I set my friends on fire" song "Things that rhyme with orange" (good song by the way) and decided to put orange. So if you see closer - you will see what? Right! Orange!

Ok, then I started to color this sweet couple. As you see in beginning I try to stay close to background color. I choosing colors that will not "brake" colors around. I not color it with black or very green. I trying to stay at the same mood level.

Some balloons, birds and doggy. Yes, doggy is important. You know why ;)

Ok, now I moving to background. I made it in other layer (everything is happening in Photoshop CS4). I doing it in other layer, cause too much happening on picture and I always can hide layer if things are bother my eyes. Anyway red closet, white-pink umbrella!

Now more background (another layer)

And UP!

Ok, for now I don't need all colors, so I hide 'em up. I started with lion. I not making shadows with typical black or something. I playing with colors.

Now I think frontground is ok, so I moving to back ground. My eyes a bit tired, so I decided to hide background, cause there was too much brightness. Now it's easier to work

Then I returned things back. Picture is almost ready. But I think there still too much stuff around and we need to clean it up.

So, I added some textures. Probably most of you have question: "Dude, why you need to color all this mess on background if in the end you made everything looks the same". And this is the right question. But when I started to color, I didn't know how it will looks then. This is part of creativity. You can paint hours and hours picture and realized that everything will looks more comfortable with only one color.

And textures. Lots of them.

So here you go. Everything (coloring) was done on my favourite PC in Photoshop CS4 (yes, I know that there is CS5, but I have CS4). This tutorial was done for people who already know photoshop a little, cause if I will start to tell about what textures I used, which brushes I took it will takes century. And by the way, this is not that hard to learn Photoshop - trust me ;) I'm not a maniac-professional, I using basics in photoshop, it all depends on how creative you are going and what you want to show people. And sorry, for my English with a lot of mistakes. INGLISH WIZ LOT OV MIZTAKS!!!

Thank you! You are great audience! If you want to send me 1000000000$ cash it would be nice)
Oh! I almost forgot! You also deserve some dessert, ladies!

Cowboy: Get him!
Monster: Please, don't kill me! I just was seeking for place to sleep 8"(

"You burst a lot when you smile, when you smile
I can´t control myself
I´ll wait forever just to see you shine
I can´t control myself"

Subways "Burst"