Saturday, March 30, 2019

New characters

I was very inspired by culture of Sri-Lanka during my trip there, so after I designed some characters based on this inspiration. Of course Sri Lanka is very calm and peacful place, but my criminal mind always make everything opposite

Sveta (remake)

Remake of the very old drawing. I didn't change much in new version, just erased the arm and added some background. In previous version arm was not really fit in composition


Doing some motion graphics! I probably should post it on Friday night

Baby on board

Just finished with the new drawing

Design of the beer I made some time ago is now on the cans

Friday, March 1, 2019

The Frog Princess

Sorry for long time without art posts. It was quite busy month.
Anyway here is my alternative version of Russian fairy tale "The Frog Princess".
Are you guys also waiting for Battletoads 2019? ;)


My new art

"Roll the windows down this
Cool night air is curious
Let the whole world look in
Who cares who sees anything?
I'm your passenger"


Hasta la vista baby

My new art

Try Some Magic (remake)

I redraw my previous drawing done in far 2010.
In old version I didn't like that we don't see the face of main character, so I fixed it here and also added enormous amount of rabbits :3

Drawing of couple I made in Simpsons style