Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who never sleep 3 Apocalypse

Ok, guys! That's it!
I finished last issue and I will launch it on 11th-12th april on festival "Olamot" in Tel-Aviv in "Beit Zioni America" , rehov Even Gvirol 26 pinat Daniel Parish 1.
So everybody who wait for this I hope to see you there.
Third part is the end of all horror that happened with group of teenagers who were looking for adventures.

Well, all I want to say is to write and draw this story was so fun. I worked on this trilogy year and half and there were also hard times, a lot of good and bad things happened, I lost something and found something. But in the end, I understand that all this is not important. Important is to go forward, no matter how hard your way - just finish what you planned and that's it. And I want to thank ALL who were with me all this time, God, my parents, my friends and specialy my fans. Yeah, boys and girls, without your love I wasn't be able to finish this story. So thank you so much!

And alrighty then, let's see what going to be after! Right now I taking a little vacation, but i already got some ideas for my next comic book. But about it later.
Good night, kids! Sleep well!
Cause if you will not, they WHO NEVER SLEEP will comin' for ya!
X))) Just jokin'!
Have a good dreams!

Friday, March 27, 2009

My granma is...Dracula?

Yep, right now is 2 o'clock my eyes are ready just to pop out and walk away from me. So this post going to be quick, cause, folks, i really-really tired and go to bed.
Is somebody ever thought - maybe some of your relatives got second life? Like about granma, who always smile, making delicious meal, have a fat lazy cat. Oh my god, this is too lovely. In real life it just can't be so perfect.
My granma is...Dracula?

+Bonus: my homework on pixelation. Well, sorry, but i really bad actor.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daddy would you like some sausages?

So here it comes.
A lot of things happen in this two weeks. First of all I finally fixed my shop and now it working. I think this one is way better that it was, cause in this shop all sellings going to be through me. I still have to make this shop looks a bit better, but it already working so you all welcome to leave there your money. Haha!

Secondary as a big anime fan i decided to take apart on anime fest in Bar-Ilan University.
So i want to say BIG thank you to all people who was there. You such a great audience, i just have no words. It was my first time, that I took apart at this con and, hell yeah, I'll be there again and again.
Thank you for your kind words about my art and this is so cool that Israeli otaku loving Darktoons.

Oh, and by the way next month Who Never Sleep 3 going out. As you know this book is last in series so watch this space, soon I'll update where exactly you gonna find it.
Beware, kids!
And for now this kid-cat sitting in a jail for crime that he didn't make. Watching TV, kinda bored.

And some class work on stop motion.