Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daddy would you like some sausages?

So here it comes.
A lot of things happen in this two weeks. First of all I finally fixed my shop and now it working. I think this one is way better that it was, cause in this shop all sellings going to be through me. I still have to make this shop looks a bit better, but it already working so you all welcome to leave there your money. Haha!

Secondary as a big anime fan i decided to take apart on anime fest in Bar-Ilan University.
So i want to say BIG thank you to all people who was there. You such a great audience, i just have no words. It was my first time, that I took apart at this con and, hell yeah, I'll be there again and again.
Thank you for your kind words about my art and this is so cool that Israeli otaku loving Darktoons.
Here you can find photos

Oh, and by the way next month Who Never Sleep 3 going out. As you know this book is last in series so watch this space, soon I'll update where exactly you gonna find it.
Beware, kids!
And for now this kid-cat sitting in a jail for crime that he didn't make. Watching TV, kinda bored.

And some class work on stop motion.


Anonymous said...

ראיתי אותך בכנס!
וממש הלהבתי ממך
יש מצב שאתה זוכר אותי
הייתי עם גופיה שחורה ומכנס קצר
ילדה קטנה כזאת שממש הלהבה שאמרת שאתה זה שהוציא לאור את הקומיקסים ואמרתי שגם אני רוצה לעשות משהו כזה יום אחד^^
וגם בסוף קניתי ממך את אחד הקומיקסים שלך^^

Landish said...

בטח שאני זוכר=)))
מה מצב?