Sunday, September 30, 2018

Pandas Against Boredom II (Remake)

Remake of my quite old drawing made for competition in China. In previous version pandas were too small, and the fun part was a bit lost in a mess. So this time I made them bigger and more expressive.

Dog sense

Sorry for long time no post. Here I did comics about how I see the world vs how my dog sees the world, when we're going for a walk

Sunday, September 2, 2018


Just made the drawing of my girlfriend ;)

"Cyclops'' like character from potential project

Here are some last drawings I did for my job

Butt characters from project which unfortunately wasn't signed

Mike Myson remake

I like to come back time to time to my old works. The same with this one.

I was quite happy with characters, but had feeling that background was missing. So I reworked the drawing.

And once again Mickey Mouse can knockout Minnie in 2018

Shoot an arrow

I added some colors to one of my drawings from the last Inktober

It's Alive! I didn't create any gifs for a long time. This is the last one ;)

The fall

My new comic page. Everyone had at least once this kind of dream =P