Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go Fishin'

Stick 'em, stick 'em, a...aha... stick 'em . So I back with some new staff to show ya, but first as some of you guys see, that my store is not working anymore. Yep, I closed it. But it doesn't mean that there will be no store. Haha, of course not. I just workin' on new version of my store, where all products, that are selling will be through contact with me. C'mon it gonna be fun. I'll explain everything to you later and now to buisness.
The pirates fishing

Decided to draw one of my friends

And I don't want to finish this post on sad one. So here you go one of my animations at Stop Motion course. The techniqe that we used with guys for this video is plastelina on light table.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who never sleep 3

About Wno Never Sleep 3-it will not see the light this month. I know, it sad, but i just physically have no time to finish the story and i don't want to hurry. So probably it will take month or too to come out. But patience.
Also i decided to show some pages from WNS2. So here you go guys!

And probably you remember, that i told you now i on youtube too. So I think i put here some videos too. It make more fun on my blog!
So wish you happy holidayz, little killaz!