Friday, July 27, 2007

my box thinking

It's hard to think!
This guy is swimming pool coach and he think now, how to build his lessons to make them interesting for others.
The problem is, that nobody come to swim, because people are scared from his box, that he wear on his head. He tried to explain them, that box is not what he is.
He tried to teach people swim, but they always look on his box and they are not accept to be his students. So now he think how to make people to believe, that the true power in what you can do and in not what you are wearing and all kinda cheap shit like dat.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Da China party

Ok, China is a very interesting country with the same interesting people. All little pupils are kung fu champions and their parents are tech geniusis.
So he is not a kung fu champion and what more interesting- he is not a tech genius.He is a radioactive DJ.Oh, yeah, baby! He have powers and he bad!


For now i can't tell you why i draw him.
It's goin' to be our dirty secret, i promise i'll tell you who is he after some time.
Just watch this space.
Someday you gonna know the truth.