Saturday, January 31, 2009


Some of you, guys, probably see that i not updating my art! Yes, shame on me! This month was crrrrraaaaazzzzzzzyyyyy. But anyway I did it. hohoho!
So I think name firestarter is best for this pic. He got "fire" and he "start" doing smth. What exactly? Hmmm... let's see. Ok, we got bath full of acid. Awesome. So he is some kind of chemist maniac. But jeez, i got a lot of super villians drawing and violence. Let's think in another KIND way. This is not acid. Let's say it's Sprite. Ok, kid like Sprite and once he bought a lot of bottles with drink and filled bath. What? When you was a kid, you don't remember about some weird staff you did?? Of course yes. Alright. And a gas mask is against gases (who know). When you got so much sprite in bath it can be dangerous. So, guys, do it on practice and tell me if for real need a gas mask. But don't shake it!

Secondary i working hard on my last book on Who Never Sleep trilogy, so here you got....ammm...let's give you page 6

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wild ride

It’s New Year! So Happy new year everybody and it doesn’t matter if I tellin’ you this in middle of month. Yeeeaaaahhhhh!
Ok. Now the staff.
Today’s drawing is about cars. Cars and clowns. I got inspiration for this drawing from old-time game Twisted Metal. For sure today there are a lot of games, that looks more cool, but anyway, when I was a kid (and I still kid), I loved this game (well, still love it).
So here you that something looks like it.