Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Festival Ka-boom 4 and new comic book from me!

Ok, boys and girls! Here is a time for you to know something!
I worked as crazy ass miner on dis and finally did it! Oh yeah, I made my own book, it will be first time for sale in Holon in Israeli Museum of cartoon and comics. So get there and get it!
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The story's genre is "soft horror". It isn't very violent, but you can see some murder scenes in it. This story wasn't written to show blood and cruelty - it was written to show how friends can help each other in extreme situations, how love could be the strongest weapon against evil, how to be strong, brave and honest when you are hanging between life and death.

This story is a kind of mix between "American Pie" with it's teenage jokes and "13t ghosts" and it's blood thirsty monsters. The story spans 3 parts - the first one is ready.

The story is about a group of teenagers who decided to have a party in an old house. Everything started okay until a few of them disappeared, then everyone realized that they're caught in the hands of a maniac ghost family. Someone in the group is part of this family and knows it very well - his mom, dad, uncle, brother and even his little (but very evil) rabbit toy.

Hope ya’ll dig!