Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bass down low

"If you wanna get with me
There's some things you gotta know
I like my beats fast
And my bass down low"

Cataracs (but I prefer dub-step version by Proper Villains)

My hardcore

Here we go smth new. I made vector lines in Illustrator and then put colors in Photoshop. I don't have much to say about this pic. I can't wait to get my guitar back (I really miss it). And I enjoyed working with vector, maybe in near future I'll make more drawings with clean lines.

I did some work for http://gamua.com/

go check out their site, they also looking for sponsors http://gamua.com/donate/

Special feeling

Okay this is a long story with this drawing!


Because of it I couldn't sleep at night. You know why? Because it was SUCK! =) Well, first of all some people thought that her arm got amputated and I didn't mean it. And blue hair wasn't suited to her. Anyway I changed it, so hope now she is fine

And these are some random pages from my last homework. I tried to keep it realistic, so that's why style a bit changed.

We've got the fire to burn these motherfuckers down

Phew! Finished ) He-he. I couldn't find better name. I was listening many times song "Ful Nelson" by Limp Bizkit and saw exactly this picture in my mind. First I wanted to draw Johnny from Fantastic Four, but it didn't make any sense, because he is not a villian. So I just put random guy, that can remind Human Torch.

I never draw tornado before. I mean tornado in color, so I took some life photos for example. And as you see, it didn't help ) But this is fire tornado, so I always can say like: "Hey! This is tornado that actually not exist, so I can color it as I want!"

What else? Ah! I will use this picture for my tomorrow homework.

And these two last pages for my school. First one where story begins and last where it ends

My friend Zen and me made a video for Kickstarter.com (the world's largest funding platform for creative projects)

You can read about this project here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hcmp/pink-power-3 and support us by making your donation if you want