Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reservoir Dogs

Decided to draw one of the strongest scenes of Reservoir Dogs. I always admire the way how Mr Tarantino see the frame and the angle, which adds more drama to many scenes of his movies.

Project I did for at 87seconds.
Illustrations done by Mathieu de Muizon (go check his artwork
Animation done by me

Animation (french language) I made for at 87 Seconds
Illustrations done by Mathieu de Muizon (check out his works

Ultimate Obama

Remake on my old drawing
In previous version I didn't like that he had kinda female body, so I decided to change it. And do not search here any political meaning- this picture is a joke

Just finished commission of one girl from US


Разве хочешь ты быть из тех похороненных заживо?
Я руку сжимаю в кулак чтобы сдержать этот крик
С каждым новым рассветом как феникс рождаешься заново
Я не хочу чтобы ты постепенно остыл