Friday, March 27, 2009

My granma is...Dracula?

Yep, right now is 2 o'clock my eyes are ready just to pop out and walk away from me. So this post going to be quick, cause, folks, i really-really tired and go to bed.
Is somebody ever thought - maybe some of your relatives got second life? Like about granma, who always smile, making delicious meal, have a fat lazy cat. Oh my god, this is too lovely. In real life it just can't be so perfect.
My granma is...Dracula?

And quick photomanipulation.

+Bonus: my homework on pixelation. Well, sorry, but i really bad actor.


Anna Strebkov said...

You guyz rule! keep doin amazin stuff!

Landish said...

Thank you Anna!
I was on your site, your models and art awesome!