Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who never sleep 3 Apocalypse

Ok, guys! That's it!
I finished last issue and I will launch it on 11th-12th april on festival "Olamot" in Tel-Aviv in "Beit Zioni America" , rehov Even Gvirol 26 pinat Daniel Parish 1.
So everybody who wait for this I hope to see you there.
Third part is the end of all horror that happened with group of teenagers who were looking for adventures.

Well, all I want to say is to write and draw this story was so fun. I worked on this trilogy year and half and there were also hard times, a lot of good and bad things happened, I lost something and found something. But in the end, I understand that all this is not important. Important is to go forward, no matter how hard your way - just finish what you planned and that's it. And I want to thank ALL who were with me all this time, God, my parents, my friends and specialy my fans. Yeah, boys and girls, without your love I wasn't be able to finish this story. So thank you so much!

And alrighty then, let's see what going to be after! Right now I taking a little vacation, but i already got some ideas for my next comic book. But about it later.
Good night, kids! Sleep well!
Cause if you will not, they WHO NEVER SLEEP will comin' for ya!
X))) Just jokin'!
Have a good dreams!


bloodmaker said...

whhhaa... im so happy
i've been waiting for this for so long
i think i was waiting for this book for about 8 monthes
i'm definately gonna buy this episode
and good luck with the next story.

your big fan~~
bar miliavsky

Landish said...

Thanks dude!
Happy to hear it from you, hope to see ya there on 11-12

Anonymous said...

יאא סופ סוף סיימת את החוברת השלישית
אני שמחה לשמוע שנהנת לכתוב את הסיפור ולצייר אותו תכלס זה נראה לי הכי חשוב ^^
חבל שאתה מוכר באולמות אני שונאת את הכנס הזה
ואני צריכה לקנות ממך את השני והשלישי
אהבתי את הראישון^^
גם שזה יהיה מהנה לראות אותך שוב
בכל אופן אני מקווה שמוכרים את הקומיקסים שלך בקאמיקאזה או קומיקס וירקות אנ ממש במתח חחח^^

ואם לא הבנת מי מדברת אז אותה ילדה מהכנס אנימה
^^קוראים לי חן ד"א שתדע

Landish said...

היי מה קורה!
אני שמח לשמוע שנהנת מהחלק הראשון ובטח אני גם אשמח לפגוש אותך בכנסים אחרים אם לא תבואי לאולמות.

Fabian said...

Congratulations on this success!
I won't be there, so... will it be available on line?

Fabian said...

to buy on line?

Landish said...

Yes, sure, you can buy it online here is all infromation