Friday, April 17, 2009

To be a rockstar

Well, if I was not somebody who like to draw most definately i was somebody who want to play in a rockband.
And I was that person. I remember my school years and bands where I was playing. My first band i made at age 13. There were two guys: me and my friend and we were playing on kid piano Casio SA-24. That was pretty funny shit, but we were thinking that we are the coolest band in whole world. And also we made two albums.
Damn, guys, I tellin' you, if you were listen this, you probably were never talk to me again.
But somehow i kept this idea on makin' music and also we made a band (with two more guys) that calls "Hoax" and were playin' alternative-nu-metal-punk-rock. Not funny. That was exactly like this. The point is, that two guys our drummer and basist like punk music and me with our guitarist like nu-metal (golden ages of Korn, Limp Bizkit). So our songs were really different. But after school years everybody went to their places and after that i didn't played seriously. And I really miss it.
So to be a rockstar-ain't easy, baby.

And this cool girl is Tina.
She is real person and that was a lot of fun to draw her.

She by me

And my animations.
Animation by me and Adas Noa (stop motion)

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