Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Voodoo studies

Today everyone can be a part of voodoo culture.
Only for 4.99$ you can get a special course that will teach how easy to make others people feel pain of sweet hell. Are you tired of your annoying neighbors, or maybe you hate someone on your job, or you just inloved and not getting attention?
We can turn all this problems in cold revenge. Call us now - 1-111-11-111-111-11(1/1/1) and all your dreams will come true!

And this my homework on classic animation.
Music by Papa Roach


Enosh Bar-Tur said...

מאוד מגניב. אפטר אפקטס?

יש לי שאלה אליך, על איזה גודל עמוד אתה עובד?
A4, או קטן יותר?

Landish said...

Ma mazav?
Thank you very much!
זה פוטושוף ופרמייר.
אני עובד על A4