Friday, October 30, 2009

Microbes War volume 1

"Святые на очень уж сложных щах,
Есть мазы проще отъехать, да так, что ах..."

This happened!
New comic book series, that will be in 4 volumes is close to coming out. It's called "Microbes War".
This is an ultra-violent-action story about DJ samurai Cool Joe and his transvestite friend Chibba, and their quest through our reality.
Everything happens in the near future, 2050 A.D, where Microbes have taken over the whole world, but people still remain ignorant.
Help is coming!

Soon in comic book stores in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem


Anonymous said...

Those are some really cool pages. Hope the book does well for you.

koydan said...

Шикарно! Надеюсь увидеть эту работу на КомМиссии!

Landish said...

Thank you guys