Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ok, story of this little fella was like this:
He came home very disappointed and unhappy. In bathroom he took toothpaste and tried to draw on mirror his smile. But nothing happened. He still was in a really bad mood. What he going to do? How he can live this perfect sunny day, when he feels so sad.
Oh, what a poor little creature. =((

So he took old school shaver, cut off his heart and burned that useless piece of meat that brings so much pain.
And a miracle happened….he felt nothing and became happy again. =))

Kill feelings, baby!
Kill love

"Rock'n'roll queens" are alive!

Today star is Bracket! I never met her, but I saw her photography.
And she is very talented.
This is she

She by me


Fabian said...

Great story about this character, i like it a lot! Also, yes!! I love Bracket too, and a lot of SG girls models, they inspire me too. Hope you draw more cute girls soon! :)
Have an amazing weekend!

Landish said...

Thank you, fabian!)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I like the resemblance thats not in her features directly but in her.... anyway, I looked into her stuff and I like it too, so thanks ^_^


Landish said...

You welcome Hadas