Friday, June 26, 2009

My first lethal girlfriend

Do you want my telephone number?..

Ok, sweet girlies and crazy guys, today I decided to tell you a bit more about stuff that I make. Today we together gonna color a pic! Yeeaaahhh, it's so much fun! Everybody ready, take your tablets, markers, watercolors or anything you want and let's go to adventure!

Lesson 1

First thing you need to draw till you will get, what you want to color. I decided to make this funny pic about real love and relationship between alive and dead.

Now filled it up with colors of your choice

Ok, now put some shadows. I prefer to choose on element and work on it, till i feel good with how it looks. For example I took that meat bitch, so now I'll put shadows on her and lights, till I'll be able to realize that I like it. By the way, I'll put also some other colors, not only shadows, there also some blue. Play with your imagination, mix colors up as much as you want.


Right now is a boy and his stuff. Again, i used a bit of dark red on his bed. I don't really know why, I just like how it looks. His face and pillow also, I used a bit orange and green. Cause I like oranges and pears. Eat fruits-they are full of vitamins and they good for eyes.

Ok, right now I realized that I made a mistake with lights on opposite sides of his bed. Also, when you makin' a mistake, your eyes immediately will tell you this. You just will feel uncomfortable when you look at pic. So mistake have to be fix. And I fix that bastard. If you don't see a mistake, just keep color going. Don't think too much about what you did right and what not. Just let things happen.

Right now small details.

Right now a background. This happenening in church, right? Let's burn it with colors!

And put some textures and filters to make pic look like it's one world! Mission complete, you can return to base!

Technically speaking: I did all this with Photoshop CS3, but all technical staff I don't want to describe, cause there are thousand books that can help you with this. And for sure they can do it better, than my language full of mistakes. The point of all this was just color a pic and don't matter how you did it, you hold in your hand colored picture. If this topic was helpful for you-I happy! I did it, I changed your life! Ha-ha! Good luck bro or sista on the front of another computer. Someday we see each other in reality and will drink each other blood X))).


לירן said...

ממש אחלה
תודה שהראת לנו את התהליך שלך
נראה לי שהוא מצא אחלה חברה

Landish said...

תודה לירן=))))

idan said...

אחלה יוזמה

תודה! מקווה שהגישה תעזור לשפר עניינים

אגב, יש לך סגנון מדליק


Landish said...

Thanks and good luck Idan!

Anonymous said...

прикольный стайл у тебя

Landish said...