Wednesday, December 9, 2009

52 shades of liberty

Well, yes my dates updates a bit changed and it took a while since last post. I just have to do so much freelance staff. Yes, it makes me happy, but I tired sometimes and have no time to make my own staff. But this time finally came and here you go some news.

52 shades of liberty

- "Well, this world is hungry for liberty. In each corner people screaming about freedom and peace, but which tactics they choose to find them. Sometimes even the most shocking Hollywood blockbaster bears no comparsion with reality. People ready to give their lives because they trust in bullshit. Nothing in this world will not make me to give my life for some bastard I even never seen before. I better run and hide. I standing here, look down on what the world has become. And I understand it will never get back to what it was..."

23:34 10.09.2001

Some freestyle drawings.

Also some work thingies from my past job as a tattoo artist
Drawing: by Me.
Tattoo: by Haim Poko

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