Saturday, May 16, 2009

No school today

Son: Mom, I don't wanna go to school today.
Mom: But, son, you have to. School is very important.
Son: I feel sick. My head hurts.
Mom: It's OK. Take those pills and everything will be just fine. Look at the window, what a wonderful weather is there.
Son: Mom, give me only one day, today and that's it.
Mom: No, you go to school, your school bus goin' to be here in 15 minutes. Here is your lunch. I love you, little bunny.

.....But she didn't know......bitch!

I decided to start a project that calls "Rock'n'roll queens". Probably everybody (or nobody (depends on how long you know me)) know how much I love So i really inspire from this idea, that all kinds of rock girls from all world are sending their photos to this site. And what is more interesting that they are all real persons. So I decided to make something like this. For beginning I will start to draw rock girlies that I know and after I'll see where it going. And for sure I going to make something from this - calendars, t-shirts, posters. I still don't know what it gonna be. But it gonna be smth for sure. The first results you will see on upcoming festivals.

And this is me drawing her!

And my homework on after effects. Well animation is kinda shit, but this is what I have =)))
Music by the USED


Anonymous said...

אהבתי את הקטע שכתבת בהתחלה ואת הציור כמובן
אתה מצייר ממש יפה
בהצלחה עם הפרוייקט שלך
יש לי חברה שראתה אותך במוטו מיוזיק שנה שעברה והיא ממש אוהבת את איך שאתה מצייר :]

Landish said...

Thanks a lot))