Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby monster likes piano

Baby monster doesn't want to scare people anymore.
Baby monster wants to be a famous composer.

My parents always tell me, that reading makes people smarter.

A while ago I worked on comic book "Funkotronic", but this project is lost in time, so I decided to put some staff from it.
This toy of main character - a kid, who is a half robot-half human.

My Drawing
Concept by Richard Emms
Sculpture by GensenFigure.

News! News! News!
a) Ok, first of all the main event will happen on 2nd-4th october.
I will take apart on artist exhibition at the Long Beach Comic Convention.
My place is 74B

Hello, California!
Well, I hope american kids will like Who Never Sleep comic book and also I have, I haVE, I HAVE to see american comicbook artists. J Scott Campbell will be there and Stan Lee and others. Well, I gotta see those guys!!
If someone of my friends from DA will be there - I'll be glad to see you.

b) Ok the next part is. My new comic book soon will be launch. I hope it will happen in end of october. This will be action story about samurai. That's it for now, soon I tell you some more.


RapTVLive said...

Nice work on the Facebook page I hope I can interview you some time for RapTVLive give us a call 916-473-1323 or stop by

Landish said...

I will talk to you man!