Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homework page 2

Page 2
Ok. This is continue of my homework story. On this page main hero realize that actually all kids in town turned out into zombies. Now they are hungry for sweets and they see truck and hero who sells sweets.

Another homework. We needed to do illustration based on news in the world. I opened google and first what appeared is some stranger beated up movie star Shia Labeouf near some bar. So I made it. Well, this is how I see it


Mark Fullerton said...

Love the comic piece! I've been following you for awhile. I'm co-founding a start-up--developing a kewl children's brand (ages 8-12). Would you be interested in potentially doing a bi-monthly comic page for our website and interactive ebook? Let me know...I can get into the details if there's an interest. thanks!

Nitzan said...

heh like the illustration lol

by the way, why didn't you post another page from "perfect morning"?
i liked it. ^_^

Landish said...

Mark Fulletron

Sure, I wrote you e-mail


I working on next page. Soon I'll post it =)

Nitzan said...

Graet! :)