Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chinese massage

Last week I was bitten by werewolf and now I turning into halfhuman-halfwolf each night.
But I don't want to eat people. I think I only one werewolf who don't want to eat people.
So I have nothing to do at night and I just walking around on the streets.
But my neighbor (he also a werewolf) told me to go to massage center in chinatown. There are only werewolves at night.
He told I never done something like that.
And he was right.
Werewolves doing the best chinese massage in the world.

And zombie turtles are dangerous

And this is pencilled cover for web-comic Warmageddon


Anonymous said...

great style! Do you take sketch requests?

Landish said...

Sure, write to me to we'll talk about it.

Anonymous said...

can't i tell you here? It's very simple one :)