Saturday, October 25, 2008

Make me gems

Hey, mom, I’m rich!
This is probably me after lika 40 years.

And of course some other staff.
The boy from movie Grudge. This one is really scary shit. I till today afraid of this hairy cheek. God, these Japanese guys are freakin’ craaazzzzyyyyyy.

And this guy is one popular singer from band Jane Air, it’s a present for him. Yep, love their songs.


Violetta said...

מדהים כמו תמיד.
אגב החלק השי בקומיקס שלך מעולה =]


Landish said...

היי ויולטה מה קורה!
אני שמח שאהבת!

מקווה שקעקעו הוא בסדר!

PARKER.- said...

Awesome stuff, man!