Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some news again and bloody bride 2

Yep! Again some news.
So guys i started a comic project name "Portal wars" with two awesome guys Brendan Deneen (Scatterbrains) and Richard Emms (Monster club, Binary) and it about to see light very soon. I really exited about all this.
For more information enter here

And here you got some samples, hope you love it.

And you goddamn right! It's bloody bride!


erez said...

hey, landish! what's up?
well, i see u are working full time and i'm always happy to see
your incredible pics! so keep on
your awsome lead!

erez tzadok,

Landish said...

Thank you, man!

Zoe said...

Wow, listen, this is just stunning.
I've formerly seen your stuff on 'newstage', and my face was like that-

You've got a great talent. I'm sure we will hear about you. Keep it up!

Landish said...

thank you, zoe!

Anonymous said...

was passing by and can t leave ur page without a comment! great pics! ;))))