Friday, April 25, 2008

Cons and cops

Hi there!
Ok, now a tome to write something.
So there was two good cons in Tel-Aviv and Bat-Yam and that was great. First of all it had nothing with comics, but anyway that was cool and i really happy, that there are people who YES buying my story and enjoy of the first part of "Who never sleep" trilogy!
Love you, guys!
Now i working hard on the second part of comic book and thinking about to put some demo pics here in blog, cause i recived some letters from people who asked about when it going to happen (i mean when they can buy a book).

I planning to launch "Who never sleep" part 2 in end of summer, so very-very sonn you gonna see it!
No worries.

Don't let him get away, he stole two chocolates from candy store!!


Rhoda "voxie" Villegas said...

Hey, you're kinda cute. great artwork too! Reminds me very much of Jamie Hewlett's work crossed with that edgy skater/rock/emo/rock/contemporary style of yours! I really must get hold of your comics somehow!! Keep up the great work! :O

Landish said...

Hey, thank you, Rhoda!
You know, if you'll be someday in Israel we can drink a cup of coffee together.